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If also your spouse or colleagues use PIN-calculator, make sure that you use the right one. When calling to Consultation centre, please prepare User ID and code card. Please take your passport or ID card with you, when visiting our branch. A new generation of payment card will make your everyday, on-the-go purchases faster and more convenient.

With a contactless payment card you can make all your payments — pay for your purchases in shops and other places, online stores and withdraw money from ATMs. Contactless payment is an extra feature of your card. If the price of your purchase exceeds this amount, you will need to enter the PIN code when making the payment.

You can also use your card abroad, but please note that the limit for contactless payments may vary across the countries.

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Contactless cards have a special sign on them. A similar symbol is also displayed on a POS terminal which accepts contactless payments. In all cases, the instructions will be displayed on the POS terminal some terminals will allow entering PIN code without inserting the card, others will require to insert it.

Contactless card is issued with disabled contactless mode.

Contactless cards

How to make contactless payments. Contactless payments are safe and secure, since they have the same level of anti-fraud protection as PIN payments.

During the payment your information is securely transmitted to the terminal. This is done for extra security to verify that you are the holder of the card. When the card is blocked, your money is safe. Built-in security mechanisms ensure that only one transaction can occur when the contactless reader is activated by the seller.

Even if you tap it twice, only one payment will be made. Contactless cards and devices only function when placed at a distance less than 4cm from the activated terminal. In order to execute transaction you need to tap the card to contactless terminal.

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Contactless card is issued with disabled contactless feature. You also be able to disable contactless feature any time. Yes, you can use your card worldwide. In many countries this is already a popular payment method. Please note that contactless payment limits can be different in different countries.

Responding to requests provided in this form we will be able to provide only general information about services of the Bank. We hope that Internet bank measured up to your expectations. If you have any comments or proposals, please send them to info swedbank. Conclude a risk life insurance agreement and win a Eur travel voucher for your family or one of 40 travel bags!

Code cards to be expired.

Frequently asked questions

User ID. Personal code. Log In. Unable to log in? If you are unable to log in, we invite you to check the following settings and make sure, that right tab of identification tool is chosen; correct User ID is entered; keyboard is not currently turned on "Caps Lock" function; font is not turned on Cyrillic Russian letters ; you have typed the correct password and complete code from the code card.

New contactless bank cards! Order now. About product Usage Safety FAQ A new generation of payment card will make your everyday, on-the-go purchases faster and more convenient.

Making a contactless payment is simple, fast and safe. Just follow these steps:.

Make sure there is a contactless symbol on the terminal. On the terminal screen you will see a message indicating that you can tap your card. When you tap the card to the terminal, you will hear a beep or see a green light on the terminal, meaning that the payment was accepted. However, you can always ask for a receipt if you need it. Can I use my contactless card at all POS terminals? Is it possible that I will be charged twice, if I accidentally tap the card twice?

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  • Is it possible, that money will be charged from my account if I simply come too close to a contactless terminal which currently executes transaction?

    How frequently will I have to enter PIN code when making contactless payment? Can I make a contactless payment without taking my card out of the wallet? We recommend always take your card out of the wallet when making contactless payment. What if contactless payment is declined?

    How close must the card be to the POS terminal in order to make the payment? The card needs to be within 4 cm of the POs terminal. How safe are contactless payments? Special security mechanisms ensure that only one payment can be done at once. This means that you will not be charged twice even if you accidentally tap your card twice. Contactless cards are provided with same high level of anti-fraud protection as old type card.

    You will be randomly asked to enter the PIN code when making contactless payments in order to make sure you still possess your card. What should you do if contactless card is lost? Can I use my contactless card abroad?

    By phone By email. Find out everything about the pension reform. Further information is available here.

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    For more information, see our Cookie Policy. Mastercard debit card can be used for making payments in Lithuania, abroad and on Internet or for withdrawing cash. Find out more. This debit card is exclusively for Youth programme members, which can be used for making payments in the shops or withdrawing cash or for online purchases.

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    This credit card is for those who are looking for more effective management of their daily finances. It is useful when making an expensive purchase or if you are short of money before the salary is paid.

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  • This credit card is useful when you need money for a bigger purchase or unplanned expenses. It is more convenient than financial leasing, consumer loan or quick loans. Prestigious credit card for an attractive price. Useful for frequent travellers abroad. Designates a special status of its holder and guarantees excellent service and exclusive benefits both for everyday use and when travelling abroad.