Как сделать бывшему побольней

Как сделать бывшему побольней

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You will be cutting the tube in half lengthwise.

Mark a straight line that runs the length of the tube, then make another lengthwise line that starts halfway around the circumference of the mailing tube. Use your ruler and exacto or craft utility knife to make a cut along the first line you drew. Press firmly and run it a couple times.

Как сделать бывшему побольней

It will not cut the tube, but it makes a nice guide groove for the box cutter. Repeat on the other line. Use the box cutter to finish making the cut, slicing the tube down the length. You will have to press firmly and run it several times.

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Be patient, and exact! Repeat on the other side.

Как сделать бывшему побольней

Now you have two halves of a mailing tube. Mark a line halfway across the length of each mailing tube half. Repeat steps 3 and 4, cutting the mailing tube halves in half again. Heat up your glue gun and position your curved pieces in a row. Run a line of glue along the top outer rim of one of the curved pieces, and press the adjacent curved piece against it so the tip rims are flush. Do this on a table surface and press them down to the table to ensure your wine holder will sit flat.

Repeat with the other pieces until all your curved pieces are connected. Position them over the center of the top rim, fold them over the top rim and press them against the wides. For the front and back curves, cut a piece of tape to match the length of the curve, press it halfway onto the curve with half of the tape sticking off the surface.

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Make several slits in the extra overhanging tape with your exacto knife, then fold the under to the bottom side of the tube. Continue to put tape on all outer edges.

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  • If you like the bare look of this wine holder, you are done! Cut the felt down to size, coat the underside with a layer of spray adhesive, and adhere the felt to one side of the wine rack. This glue is pretty forgiving, so you can pull the felt up and try again if you are uneven. Use your exacto to trim any excess once the felt is in place.

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    You can add extra tape or felt to the underside of the wine rack if you wish, or leave it uncovered. Also, if you wish to size the wine rack up vertically, you can use two more mailing tubes. Simply cut the tubes in half without slicing the tube open.

    Decorate these tubes with matching tape and glue in a row. Then stack the open rack on top of cylindrical tube rack and glue this rack down to secure.

    I love the duct tape felt combo. OMG i have the same issue with getting things framed!! I definitely have enough mailing tubes with gorgeous prints inside that have been waiting anywhere from years to be framed… i know, awful to make one of these and then some! So cute.

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    I love it! I think the felt really makes it unique. And what a great way to reuse those mailing tubes. Neat Idea!

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    Awesome idea! Love this! I also love the tree wallpaper…. You can use pvc pipe also, which might hold up a bit better over time.

    Where is the wallpaper from? I love the trees. Would you share the source? I linked to your tutorial on my blog — thanks for sharing!